Style, comfort, fashion, and value. These 4 traits comprise the philosophy that goes into each and every product we produce. When LA Dance Designs founder Lee Ann Pastore saw these critical factors lacking in the dance leotards available for her competitive dance students, she ultimately took matters into her own hands; designing and producing her own premium line of leotards. The core vision was to economically produce a line of superior dancewear that can effectively be converted into dance competition costumes, withstanding the dual purpose between practice and competition. LA Dance Designs strives to ensure that our customers can perform to their highest ability without the constraint of unnecessary expenses that in the end conflict with the ability to reach maximum potential. LA Dance Designs was born.

All of our products are designed and manufactured safely, under fair labor conditions, and without ethical compromises right here in Miami, USA. This is to ensure the highest standard of quality while adhering to our social and environmental responsibility to ethically produce premium dancewear with sustainable long term growth while also creating new jobs for Americans. Our overarching vision is to practice sound ethical sourcing principles throughout the entire supply chain by consistently engaging with factory management as well as internal and external stakeholders.